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The Start Of Your Personal Growth Journey

Who Needs A Spiritual Coach And How To Choose One

by Eli Gomez

Consulting a spiritual coach for the first time can be confusing for both spiritual novices and those with a long-term faith practice. Spirituality is a very personal journey for most, making including an additional person a careful consideration. 

However, these professionals are often able to help clients move past any initial concerns and navigate through rough patches in their faith or move into new, deeper personal connections with their spirituality and themselves.

What is a spiritual coach? 

The coaching industry has taken on new life over the past decade. Many are familiar with the concept of life coaches now, or a person who helps you maneuver through major changes in a career or your personal life. A spiritual coach is somewhat the same but helps you turn your focus inward. 

These coaches, sometimes referred to as spiritual counselors, help clients connect to a higher purpose and find their place in the universe at a personal level separate from the demands of daily life. Within the industry, there are numerous specialty niches where coaches zero in on universal energy, chakras, healing, recovery, and guidance within a specific faith. 

Some coaches may also blend various techniques and philosophies to create unique solutions for each client. For example, a coach may help a client who identifies as a Christian develop deeper meditation practices using various New Age techniques. The journey can help enhance the root faith while simultaneously providing more self-awareness. 

A well-trained spiritual coach helps guide you into your subconscious desires and shares new techniques for mastering stumbling blocks in religion and life. Gradually, clients can rise above years of programming and societal messaging to accomplish the spiritual goals that make personal goals easier to identify and reach. 

Who consults a spiritual coach?

People who want to deepen an existing faith or explore personal intuition and their inner voices more deeply often consult spiritual coaches for a guided journey. While the execution with a formal label and certification is new, the general idea of spiritual coaches has existed for a long time via self-help books, faith-based counselors, and gurus. The use of an independent coach can help separate the learning process from dogma and provide those with a history in a particular faith with fresh perspectives. 

How to choose a spiritual coach

The spiritual counseling business is largely unregulated, making it necessary to consider what you want from a coach and find an expert in those areas. For example, if you want to focus on meditation, search for a coach with documented expertise in meditation via holistic medicine, participation in a religious order, or yoga. Similarly, coaches with extensive experience in chakras, a specific religion, or hypnotism may be sought based on your needs.

The coach who is the right fit will combine professional expertise with coaching know-how to help you move forward spiritually. To learn more, contact a spiritual counseling provider such as Mrs. Eve Advisor Psychic Place.